Today, laser hair removal - one of the most effective ways to forget unwanted hairs, both women and men. In general, laser hair removal is recommended for cosmetic purposes, although there may be a medical condition. The procedure involves the destruction of the hair follicles of the hair without adverse effects on the skin.



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Thermal effect produced by absorption of the dark pigment of the hair dye laser light radiation, causes the death of hair follicles. Instant heat all the hair causes further termination of its growth.

Treatment time varies from 5 to 30-40 minutes. It depends on the area of ​​the skin area where the hair is removed. So to remove hair above the lip will need an average of 2-3 minutes, the hair in the bikini area and underarms are removed for 15 minutes, 40 minutes to the shin.


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With the recently acquired enormous popularity of laser hair removal at home. Comfortable home hair removal procedure has become a reality, thanks to the emergence in the sale of compact functional models of laser epilators. Before you buy a device for laser hair removal at home, you should be familiar with contraindications to the procedure.

Absolute contraindications that make this procedure is either impossible or useless:
oncological diseases;
infectious diseases affecting the skin (herpes and the like);
dark or tanned skin;
gray or very blonde hair
Relative contraindications in which the conduct of the procedure may, in consultation with experts:
the presence of a large number of moles;
various diseases and skin lesions;
a tan;
varicose veins;
allergic reactions;
In addition, an obstacle for laser hair removal is a young age.